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DeSC Lite: Imaging and software distribution managed environment for departments
DeSC Lite: Imaging and software distribution managed environment for departmental computers


If your department is interested in centrally managed software distributions for desktop computers and laptops used by faculty and staff, OIT offers a managed environment similar to the DeSC Standard image, but without the hardware requirements and policy restrictions. Compatible and complementary to the DeSC Standard choice, this new "lightly managed" environment is called DeSC Lite.

Based upon the OIT Small Footprint Image (SFI), the software distributions for DeSC Lite will be similar to those sent to the DeSC Standard environment except for the DeSC Licensed software (for a list of software offered in DeSC Lite see DeSC Windows 7 Software Set).

The characteristics of DeSC Lite computers are:

  • Configured with the OIT Small Footprint Image (SFI) installation
  • Receives Microsoft updates using Windows Software Updates (WSUS)
  • Installs of the McAfee ePO and VirusScan software, and receives the latest ePO and VirusScan distributions
  • Receives the latest Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPO) software distributions due to the SFI environmental variables
  • SCCM 2007 SP2 Client
  • Dell KACE Agent
  • Princeton Domain membership
  • Three letter prefix naming convention (the DeSC Standard naming convention)

Note that University Business Applications are not guaranteed to run in this environment, and that distributions could break software that is being upgraded or other software that is installed on the computer.

How to "Opt Out" from distribution

1. As Administrator, open the System and Maintenance Control Panel (or System Control Panel in Classic View)

2. Select System and click Advanced system settings

3. Select Environment Variables from the System Properties window

4. In the System variables window, scroll down to OITIMAGE

For Vista:

For Windows 7:

5. Select OITIMAGE and click Delete

6. Click OK twice to close

7. Restart the computer

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August 15, 2012

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