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Princeton Gmail: How to use multiple accounts simultaneously (or not)
I now have two (three... four...) Google accounts. One is Princeton Gmail and the others are personal email addresses. What are my options?

  • You can sign in to multiple Google accounts in the same browser session, but not all Google products may be available to you because of the way Google uses cookies. See Google's instructions on how to use multiple sign-in for more than one Google accounts. You can access up to ten accounts in one browser window in one session. Remember not all products support multiple sign-in, so for certain products you will need to use one of the next bullet options below. The first account used to sign in is your default for that session.

At any point you can see which account you are signed in as (and whether you can add or switch to a different account), by clicking on your email in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Forward all your email from secondary email addresses to the one primary Google address that you prefer. Using your Princeton Gmail account offers more space than a personal Gmail account, and also allows you the use of the Princeton address book when composing email messages; and it is advertising free. Google's help pages have instructions on how to use different sending addresses within the same account.
  • Use different browsers for each of your accounts (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari for example).
  • Use Google Chrome's incognito window or the incognito/private browsing modes on your browser of choice to sign in to your second account. Note: your history and login information won't be saved while using this option.

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March 28, 2016

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