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Google Apps: How to access your calendar and contacts from different devices
How do I access my Google Calendar and Contacts from different devices and systems? (The following applies to Princeton Gmail undergraduate students only.)


You can sync your calendar events and contacts using these settings.

Mac iCal and Address Book

Microsoft Outlook
  • Sync your main Google Calendar to Outlook using Google's Calendar Sync program. Note that this program only supports syncing your primary Google Calendar (top of the list of "My Calendars") and your default Outlook calendar. If you have events on multiple Google Calendars, Google suggests move the event to your primary calendar or export your entire secondary calendar and import the events to your primary calendar. Or use the Calendar Sync to move information from your Outlook Calendar into Google and then use the web interface to access your Google Calendars. Yes it can be complicated, but it works.

iPhone or iPad

From any browser

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March 26, 2016

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