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Google Drive: How to use Google Drive to transfer files
Google Drive allows access to files from anywhere using your Princeton Google account.


Princeton Google accounts have access to an unlimited quota of shared storage.

  • All undergraduate students have Google Drive accounts created automatically.
  • Faculty, staff, and graduate students can request Princeton Google Drive accounts and have an unlimited quota of space. See: for instructions on how to request an account, sync your University passwords, and begin using Google Drive.

Access Princeton Google Drive from any computer or device by going to:

  • Log in using your full Princeton email address (including the portion). If you are confused about the difference between your personal Google account and your Princeton Google account, see: for explanation.
  • To see your files in a folder on your computer, choose the button Install Google Drive for your computer and follow the instructions. When it asks for your account information, make sure log in using in the field.
  • To add files from any machine or device, you can use the Upload button (next to Create) on the web interface.

  • To upload from your computer if you have installed the desktop version, you can drag your files into the Google Drive folder. On Windows: open Google Drive from the Start Menu. On Mac: launch Google Drive from the toolbar.
  • You can also access your files from a mobile device. Google has more information on accessing Drive from a mobile browser, an iPhone or iPad, and an Android device. On an iOS or Android device, you can also save documents for offline viewing, although you cannot edit them offline.
  • For help, see Google's help pages.

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March 26, 2016

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