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Printing: How to print from any mobile device using your Princeton email
Mobile printing to the All_Clusters and All_Clusters_Color queues (including Princeton University libraries) is accessible through all devices that have an Internet connection and can send email messages. The following is for all faculty, staff and students with email accounts (including Princeton Gmail accounts).


Please use the general instructions before the operating system specific instructions.

General instructions to print from your mobile device

All mobile devices that can send email messages with attachments are supported. All email messages must be sent from your Princeton email account ( Email messages from non-Princeton email accounts will be rejected.

1. Send the document(s) you want to print as an attachment to (for b&w documents) or (for color documents)
You will need to SHARE your image or pdf file via email in order to print it. To print only the attachment(s), leave the body of the email blank. Non-empty email messages with or without attachments will also be printed.

2.  Wait for an email reply from, indicating that your document(s) have been processed. The image below is an example of a confirmation email message. If your document was not processed successfully, check the list of Supported Documents below before trying again.

3.  Go to a print release station in any OIT or Library cluster (Frist 300 for color). Log in with your University netID and password and select the document(s) to print.

How to send print jobs using iOS

For Pictures

For PDFs

  • Open the document in Adobe Reader or your favorite pdf reader and share the document via email to

To share in iOS, look for either of these icons

share icon

For any document

For Google documents

Step 1: Select the information button to the right of your document

Step 2: Select the Open in... icon

Step 3: Select Open in Adobe Reader

Step 4: Select the share button, then E-mail Document

How to send print jobs using Android

For Google Drive documents: open the document with Google Drive and share the document via email to

  • android mail

  • For Pictures

    For PDFs

    To share in Android, look for this icon

    share icon

    How to send print jobs using Windows Phone

    For Office documents: Open the document with Office and share the document via email to

    For Pictures

    For PDFs

    • Find the document in Adobe Reader or PDF Reader and share the document via email to

    For emailed documents

    For any other document

    To share in Windows 8, look for this icon

    share icon

    Supported documents

    • Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)
    • Office Documents
      • Microsoft Office (docx, .doc, .xls, xlsx, .xlt, .ppt, .pptx, .pptm)
      • Microsoft Outlook (.msg, .eml)
      • Microsoft Publisher (.pub)
      • Open Office (.odt, .ods, .odp)
    • Image Files
      • .jpg, .jpeg
      • .gif
      • .bmp
      • .png
    • Text Formats
      • Text files (.txt)
      • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
      • Comma Separated Values (.csv)
    • E-mail Contents
      • HTML, Rich Text, or Plain Text, as contained in the email body (HTML links or attachments are not supported)
      • A web link to a supported document types listed above that does not require authentication to access

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