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Google Apps: Secure your Google login with 2-step verification
How to enhance your security using 2-step verification with your Princeton Google account


It is strongly recommended that all Princeton Google users use Google's 2-step verification to strengthen their login process. Just as most banks, credit card companies, and other online services require more than one credential, Google also provides an enhanced login procedure. It's easy to enable and you will know your account is much more secure.

Signing in will be different
  • After entering your password, you'll enter a code that you'll get via text, voice call, or the mobile app.
Keep it simple
  • Once per computer, or every time
  • During sign in, you can configure Google not to ask for a code again on that particular computer.
Help keep others out
  • You will be asked for a code when you (or anyone else) tries to sign in to your account from other computers.

Signing in with 2-step verification is easy. Go to the sign-in page and enter your username and password like you normally do.

You may need to sign out of your Personal Google account and log in using your Princeton Google account (if you are unsure of the difference between your Princeton Google account and your Personal Google account, read more at:

Sign in with your Princeton Google Account

Follow the steps to configure your account securely.

Enter a verification code

  • You will be asked for a code that will be sent to your phone via text, voice call, or the mobile app.

  • If your phone is not available, or not connected to the Internet, you still have several options detailed at: 2-step verification features.

Register your computers

  • During sign-in, tell Google not to ask for a code again on your computer.

  • You will be asked for codes on other computers, which you can register as well.

All Google Apps users are expected to use the Google Apps services responsibly and in accordance with the Princeton University Information Technology Policy and the Google Terms of Service. By using Google Apps at Princeton University, you acknowledge, understand, and consent to the Terms of Service.

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