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TSM: How to install on a Windows computer
How to install TSM on a Windows computer


Personal work documents stored on faculty, staff and graduate student workstations will be backed up at no charge and with no limit on size. TSM backup accounts are not available to undergraduate students. For more information on TSM policies, please see:

Information needed to register for a TSM account
Please determine the following information prior to registering for a TSM account and installing the software. The registration page will ask for the following:

  • What operating system is your computer?
  • What is the name of your computer?
  • What is your e-mail address?
  • If a copy of the TSM options file should be sent to another email address, what is that address?
  • Where is your computer located?
  • Select Level of Backup Service (Personal, Complete, or DeSC)
  • Account Number (if Complete service is selected)

Register for TSM Account
You will need to register for a TSM account at the TSM Registration Page. After registration, a confirmation page appears with TSM Password, TSM Port and TCP Server Address. If you already have TSM installed on your computer, use the scheduler configuration script from Solution 3746 to set up the scheduling service. Should you need to reset your TSM password, go to the TSM Account Management page.

Installation Instructions
1. For Windows computers you must be Local Administrator to install the software. If prompted, please log in to the Princeton domain. Click on the Start button, pull up to Run..., and type the following:

\\files\software\tsm (You may be prompted for your netID; use the PRINCETON\netID syntax)

2. Choose the most current version. (Windows 95 is no longer supported for new backup nodes. Please upgrade to a modern operating system for TSM backup support.)

3. If prompted, choose English and click OK

4. Accept the default location for installation and click Next

5. On the Setup Type screen, choose Typical

6. Click Install

7. When complete, click Finish

8. On the desktop, you may find two new shortcuts (TSM Backup Client and TSM Online Information). You may delete these if you wish since there are shortcuts in the Start Menu.

9. Download a configuration script from the TSM administration website to your desktop. Double-click the script. Confirm nodename and enter your TSM password and server. Follow prompts to verify successful scheduler set up. If the computer is not always online, you may not want to use the scheduler service.

To turn off the service, click on the Start button, pull up to Run..., and type the following:

services.msc /s

Stop and disable the TSM Central Scheduler Service and the TSM Client Acceptor.

See Solution 9264 to backup the computer manually.

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October 15, 2009

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