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Dormnet: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I eligible to subscribe toDormnet?

If you are a Princeton University student, yes! You can subscribe electronically to Dormnet.

When is Dormnet available?

Dormnet is available year round, 24 hours a day, with some scheduled and unscheduled outages for maintenance when the University is in session. Wireless networking is available in all graduate and undergraduate dormitories; for more information, see: Wireless computing in the dorms.

How much does Dormnet cost?

There are no fees associated with Dormnet subscriptions. This includes any additional computers and devices you wish connected to Dormnet.

Can I use multiple devices on Dormnet?

You may subscribe as many devices as you like to Dormnet. To To register additional devices go to

Can I share a Dormnet subscription?

No. Dormnet subscriptions cannot be shared. Everyone who wants Dormnet service must subscribe individually.

How do I set up my computer to use Dormnet?

See New Students: How to register for Dormnet to begin. You may also choose to have an STC visit your room, or your may take your computer to the OIT Solutions Center in Frist. Contact the Help Desk at 8-HELP for advice on how to receive computing support.
If you chose to register your computer yourself, you will need to find your Ethernet and wireless mac addresses before going to

I've registered my computer. Now what?

Your subscription request is processed automatically. You will receive an e-mail message indicating that your subscription request was received. Once the request has been processed, you will receive an additional message. When the host entry becomes active, you will be able to use any IP (Internet Protocol) based services, such as web browsing and email.

How do I make changes to my Dormnet subscription - if I bought a new computer?

The Host Database stores four pieces of information about your Dormnet subscription: Type of Connection, System Type, Operating System, and Ethernet Address. Most students will be concerned only with the last three. If you get a new computer, you need to update the information in the Host Database so the new computer will work on Dormnet. To make changes to the information associated with your Dormnet subscription, go to and make the appropriate changes.

I've run into some problems setting up my machine for Dormnet. What should I do?
Make sure that your machine meets the requirements for Dormnet. Next, read the documentation available on the web. If you have tried installing and configuring the software and are experiencing technical difficulties, you need to contact your Student Technology Consultant or the consultants at the OIT Help Desk.

What operating systems are supported on Dormnet?

Please see the Minimum Requirements page for details. Operating systems other than those identified may work with Dormnet, but OIT does not guarantee their compatibility or provide formal support in their configurations and use. If you choose to install and use any of these operating systems on Dormnet, you do so at your own risk.

I'm interested in buying a computer for Dormnet. Can I find information about that?

You can buy a specially priced and configured computer through the Student Computer Initiative; please see  the website for more details.

I need to connect more than one computer in my room, but there is only one port and no hub. What can I do?

Most rooms on campus have enough Ethernet ports available so that all occupant can plug their computers into the network, i.e. one port per pillow. However, if one or more occupant has more than one subscribed device, you may have a shortage of Ethernet ports. In cases like this, you may borrow a hub from the OIT Solution Center. You will be required to sign a form that promises you will return the hub by the end of the academic year. Any hubs not returned by the end of the academic year will be charged to the student account of the student who signed the form.

I'm living off-campus (or in a University apartment) and I want to use my computer at a shared network port in the library, laboratory, or elsewhere. What can I do?

If you would like your computer to have access to the network (in any laboratory, office, academic building or library) you should subscribe to Dormnet. Your Dormnet subscription will enable you to gain access to the network from any active network port on campus. Alternatively, you may register your computer on the administrative (non-Dormnet) network. For more information on Mobile Dormnet for graduate students, see:
Grad Students: How to connect to the network on or off campus.

Network ports in libraries or offices are the responsibility of the affiliated department and only will be active if that department has paid to activate them.

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March 26, 2016

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