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Clusters: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Information on OIT's public computing facilities: general information, phones, locations, hours, etc.


There are approximately 36 OIT sponsored clusters across campus which you can use to read your e-mail, work on a paper, print a document, or surf the Internet. Most clusters are open 24 hours - as long as you can get in the building, you can get into the cluster. If a cluster door has a combination lock, check with the nearest department or Res. College office to get the code. College residents get first dibs on computers in their college cluster.

For specific locations of clusters, software and hardware specifications, and current news and updates, please see the Clusters web site.

If you are a student and having problems with a cluster computer or printer, please send e-mail to with the following information:

  • Location of computer or printer
  • PC or PR number
  • Description of the problem

OIT uses Papercut as a print management system in the clusters. The Papercut system is used to track and enforce print quotas across OIT and Library cluster systems. Additional information on print quotas can be found in Solution 9975.

With this system, documents will NOT automatically come out onto paper when they are printed. The print job will be held on a print server until you log in to a "Release Station" computer located near the printer with your University netID and password. You can then choose which document(s) should be printed. You will not be charged for printing, though the system has that capability. Please direct any questions or comments about the Papercut system to

For Departments:
Consider putting network departmental printers on Papercut, a print management system that keeps track of each print job, currently in use by OIT and the Library to manage the public printing stations. With Papercut reports you can monitor who is printing and how much, and by using the optional print release stations, you can cut back on unnecessary printing by printing only the documents you really want. For more information please see Solution 9950.

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