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How can I change my e-mail address/I am unhappy with my OIT NetID?
How can I change my e-mail address/I am unhappy with my OIT netID?


Your pre-assigned University netID is used by various University systems and services on your behalf. Once it has been established, any change to the netID can cause problems for you, and for various University offices, hence change is made only for the most compelling or urgent reasons.

You also should understand that, with an ID different from the one originally assigned, it may take a while for you to be recognized properly by restricted services or resources requiring login. This can be particularly frustrating for students who want to register via the online registration system (SCORE), or those who want access to course materials via the Blackboard system.

For faculty and staff, a change of netID also can create problems within their department, because certain kinds of privileges are affiliated with the ID and will need to be transferred.

If there are extremely compelling or urgent reasons that your netID be changed from the one you've been assigned

Your request will be evaluated by OIT staff, and you will be contacted regarding the matter.

NOTE: Presently, the maximum netID size possible is eight characters, the minimum size possible is two characters, and must consist of alphabetic and numeric characters only.

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