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Zip Files: How to open .zip files and where to download decompression software
I received a zip file in my email as an attachment. What software will open a .zip file, and where do I get it?


If you have received your zip file in your email, you should first save that attachment onto your hard drive or desktop before decompressing (opening) it. If you used the Digital Suitcase to pack up your H: drive, it will produce zip files when the contents of an H: drive is less than 4G in size. If the size is greater than 4G, it will produce a bzip2 file.

Macintosh instructions

Windows instructions

  • Windows computers have built-in software to compress and uncompress zip files. For information on how to compress and uncompress .zip files in Windows, see: Solution 9735.
  • For .tar.bz2 files, the free utility 7Zip is available.

Unix instructions

  • From within your Unix account at a command line prompt, use the 'unzip' command to uncompress a .zip file.
  • For .tar.bz2 files, the command is 'tar xvjf NetID.files.tar.bz2'

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April 12, 2013

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