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Computers: How can I buy a computer from Princeton?
Computers: How can I buy a computer through Princeton University for myself or departmental use?


As a member of the Princeton community, there are a number of opportunities to purchase a computer for personal use or for a department or office.

Student Purchases
The Student Computer Initiative (SCI) offers Princeton students aggressively priced, highly capable computers to facilitate academic work. For more information, see:

Departmental Purchases
Authorized departmental representatives can make computer purchases directly through The Princeton MarketPlace, which is an online ordering system that puts all of Princetonís e-commerce vendors into a single website. To see the available suppliers (such as Apple or Dell) and their offerings, please contact your departmental administrator or SCAD/DCS support representative. When you initiate your order with the computer vendor, you must also submit a form that requests Hardware Support to contact you for scheduling of the installation and set-up of your new computer. Use the Hardware Installation Service Request Form to request help (Princeton log in required).

Faculty Academic Purchases
The following links contain information relating to the Faculty Computer Program (FCP) sponsored by the Office of the Provost.

Faculty and Staff Personal Purchases
Computers for personal purchase are not offered through the University. However, individuals are encouraged to consider Dell and Apple for personal acquisition and to use the University's current standards as a suggested guide. For University personalized portals to these vendors, follow these links below. You will need to identify first the state of New Jersey and then Princeton University to drill down to the offerings.

Please note that any purchase made on a personal credit card will not be reimbursed by the University. Specific pricing questions cannot be answered by the OIT Help Desk as the prices and configurations change often and vary according to vendor standard and "special" offerings and availability of stock. It is advised that faculty and staff shop for the best deal using the links provided.

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