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Graduate Students: How to connect to the network on or off campus
Dormnet: How do graduate students connect to the network on or off campus?


I live in graduate housing. Who provides my networking, cable TV and telephone services? Is OIT wireless service available? For answers to these questions, see Solution 9755.

Mobile Dormnet registration for graduate students
Graduate students living off-campus with laptops are capable of getting network access while on campus in the library and in their offices. If graduate students with laptops would like to take advantage of Dormnet computing, they should subscribe to Dormnet. They will then receive network and Internet access using mobile services via their Ethernet or wireless card.

For graduate students that often come to campus with their laptops and need reliable, high-speed connectivity to the network using a plugged-in Ethernet cable (for instance at the library or laboratory) this is the recommended method.

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July 10, 2015

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