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Dormnet: How do I print to an OIT Cluster or dorm printer?
How do I print to an OIT Cluster or dorm printer?


All cluster printer locations share a single queue named "All_Clusters". Print to this queue, then release your job at any cluster location across campus in many buildings and dorms

For instructions on how to print to a cluster or dorm, choose your operating system:

When you print to a UniPrint-managed queue, the document will not automatically come out of the printer. You must "release" the job using the computer labeled print release station, which is a computer located next to the printer you want to use.

The clusters use a print accounting system called Pharos UniPrint. The UniPrint system is used to track and enforce print quotas across OIT and Library cluster systems. Additional information on print quotas can be found in Solution 9975.

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November 27, 2013

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