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Network printing: How to print to a networked printer from your computer
Network printing: How do I configure my computer to print to a networked printer on campus?


How students can print to a networked printer
If you are a student and want to use a cluster or dorm printer, please see:

How faculty and staff can print to a networked printer
OIT offers two servers to provide network print "queues" for printers that are to be shared across the network for multiple users in a department or office. Networked computers can print to departmental networked printers on either server \\ntprintserver or \\printHP. To see a list of all the print queues on OIT Print Servers, go to: Active Directory Printers. You can click on any column to sort or queue name for printer details.

You will need the Server Name and Queue Name of the printer to configure it on your computer.

How to Add a Local Printer (one directly attached to your computer)
Make sure you are logged in as administrator before installing the local printer.
1. Turn off both printer and computer
2. After attaching the appropriate cable (serial, parallel or USB) to the printer and the computer's port, turn on the printer, followed by the computer.
3. Usually, Windows will recognize the printer as a Plug and Play device; if this happens follow the directions given by the Add New Device Wizard. If the printer is not recognized, go to Start, Settings, Printers --> Add Printer.
4. An "Add Printer Wizard" will appear; follow the directions as given by this wizard. Most likely you were provided diskettes or CDs with 'device drivers' - this allows Windows to recognize and install your printer. It is important that you have these disks or CD handy when prompted by the "Add Printer Wizard".

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