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Uniprint: Release stations in OIT clusters and dorm facilities for students
How do I print to an OIT Cluster or dorm printer? What is Uniprint?


In order to cut down the amount of wasted paper in OIT Clusters, the Student Computing Services group uses a print accounting system called Pharos UniPrint.

When you print to a UniPrint-managed queue, the document will not automatically come out of the printer. You must "release" the job using the computer labeled PRINT RELEASE STATION, which is located next to the printer you want to use.

When you move the mouse or press a key to clear the release station screen saver, you will be prompted for your University netID and password. After logging on, you will be told how many pages you have printed so far. When you hit enter or click OK to acknowledge this message, you will see a list of all the print jobs you have sent to that printer. Click the appropriate job, then click the Print button in the lower-right corner to release the job to the printer. The entire process takes only a few seconds. (Hint: hold down the "Ctrl" key, and you can select multiple jobs to print simultaneously).

You cannot delete jobs you have sent to a print queue. However, any job that has not been released will automatically expire after four hours in the queue. The system is intended to increase general awareness of paper consumption, and to provide the opportunity to "take back" any print jobs that might have been printed by mistake.

The UniPrint system is used to track and enforce print quotas across OIT and Library cluster systems. Additional information on print quotas can be found in Solution 9975.

Questions or comments about this system should be sent to

It has been reported that stations may fail to authenticate users who have quotations marks in their passwords. If you do, try changing your password at

For Departments:
Consider putting network departmental printers on Uniprint, a print management system that keeps track of each print job, currently in use by OIT and the Library to manage the public printing stations. With Uniprint reports you can monitor who is printing and how much, and by using the optional print release stations, you can cut back on unnecessary printing by printing only the documents you really want. Please see: for more information.

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