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UBAs: How to request access to University Business Applications

How to Request Access to University Business Applications

  • Curriculum Management System- The PeopleSoft Curriculum Management System provides on-line access to maintain course information, classroom assignments, and CAFSIS information.
  • Web Grading - The PeopleSoft Student Administration Systems is also the system of record for grading. Faculty and administrative staff can enter students’ grades using the web.
  • Human Capital Management (HCM/HRMS) - To access data in the Princeton University Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits system.
  • Student Records (including Stuview) - The student records system is the University’s system of record for the entry and maintenance of undergraduate and graduate student information including biographic and demographic data, as well as department, class or cohort year, degree. It is the system of record for Graduate Re-enrollment and also for the entering and approval of midterm and final grades, and the data source for StuView.
Time Collection
Time Collection provides a web interface for bi-weekly, casual and student employees to record their time. Department Payroll Representative approval of time is required at the end of each pay period.
Labor Accounting
Labor accounting is the systematic recording and maintenance of the charges incurred for the compensation or financial support of an individual. These charges or costs are distributed to one or more expense accounts (or project/grants) on an organization's general ledger or bookkeeping system.
Information Warehouse
The Administrative Information Warehouse is a comprehensive data warehouse that contains detail and summary information in such areas as Financial Aid, ORPA , E-Commerce, Facilities, Undergraduate Housing, Stripes, Financial transactions and Telephone Info.
Princeton Prime Marketplace
The Princeton Marketplace provides single logon access to strategically chosen contract vendors with whom the campus has historically conducted a high number of small dollar transactions.
Resource 25
Resource 25 is an application that allows events, meetings, and course sessions to be scheduled and rooms or spaces assigned or booked. It allows the scheduler, event coordinator, facility coordinator, or support person to search for suitable spaces that are available for the required date and time for an event. It allows scheduling and coordination of events from simple meetings to complex conferences.

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February 23, 2016

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