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TSM: Windows: How to backup your computer manually
TSM: How to backup your computer manually on a Windows computer


Note: If you are running Windows 2000 or Windows XP you must be logged on to your computer as either local administrator or a user with administrator privileges.

1. Start TSM:
Click Start --> Programs -->TSM Campus Backup -->TSM Backup Client. Depending on the version of TSM installed the path may be:
Click Start --> Programs -->Tivoli Storage Manager -->Backup Archive GUI

Once TSM starts, you are ready to select what will be backed up.

Click Backup

Click the gray box next to the word Local. That will select your hard drive (or all hard drives, if you have more than one).

Click Backup.

This will take several hours the first time it is done, so it is advisable to start the process when you won't be needing the computer for a while, like before you go to sleep. After the first time your computer backs up, only changed files will be backed up, and the procedure should take 10-30 minutes.

To configure your Windows computer to automatically backup overnight without user intervention, please see:

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October 15, 2009

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