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Accounts and Passwords: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Accounts and Passwords: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


If you are a first time user, you will need to activate your University Computing Account in order to access your email and log in to a University computer. Use the Account Activation Page to unlock your account, set your security profile, and select a secure password. Strong password recommendations are described in Solution 2762.

Upon creation of your University netID at Princeton, you are provided with certain OIT central service accounts which include those described below. Your LDAP, Windows domain and Unix comprise what is collectively accessed using your University netID and password. New Unix accounts (Undergraduate accounts excepted) will first need to go to the Enable Unix Account web page in order to log in.

  • Online Directory (LDAP) account: Your Princeton Online Directory account is utilized for Unix, Central File Server (H: drive) Mac OS X Clusters, WebMail, Blackboard, PeopleSoft, Time Collection, TigerHub, SCI Store, Information Warehouse, Faculty Voting System, Library EZproxy service, as well as other online applications.

  • Princeton Windows Domain (AD) account: The Princeton Windows domain facilitates access to resources such as file and printer sharing (the NTprintserver), storing files on your NAS Central File Server (aka H: drive), VPN access, and CAS. Typically, you have a "mapped drive" on your desktop workstation that points to your shared space (such as your 'M drive'). Many PCs on campus, including OIT clusters, DeSC computers and SCI computers, require that you log on using your netID and Windows domain password. You also use this password for your Exchange enabled Microsoft Outlook e-mail account (including OWA WebMail).

Please see Solution 2762 for instructions for any other OIT accounts, including your TSM account.

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