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PUaccess: Documentation and support for identity management system
What is PUaccess?
  • PUaccess is the identity management system that Princeton uses for core human resource and student record systems. With PUaccess, both your personal information and Princeton's institutional data will be protected by your new strong password, an anti-phishing image and phrase, and security questions like What was the make of your first car?
  • PUaccess uses an Enhanced Security Profile (ESP) that is set by each person. Each user sets the elements of his or her individual profile, and those elements are used during login to PUaccess protected applications. SCORE and SelfService, as well as PeopleSoft HCM/CS administration, use PUaccess login and require that you set your ESP.
  • PUaccess allows you to manage your login security settings. You can change your password, select a new personal image/phrase, and change your security questions. PUaccess will be used for all central OIT system password management.
  • PUaccess is browser and platform independent, so it does not matter what type of computer you use or what browser you use.

Your Enhanced Security Profile (ESP)

  • Your Enhanced Security Profile (ESP) provides you with the assurance that you are connecting to a legitimate Princeton site and adds an additional layer of security to improve our ability to identify you. Setting your ESP will require you to set a new password, select a personal image/phrase, and select and answer three security questions.

  • When you log in to PeopleSoft Applications like SCORE or Self Service or PeopleSoft HCM/CS administration, you will see the PUaccess login screen. You will see your personalized Access Pad to enter your password and you may be asked to answer a security question.
  • If you're using your own computer, you can select the "Remember this computer" check box on the Enter Password screen, but you should never do that on a public (cluster, kiosk) computer. If you leave your own computer at any time, you should lock it to safeguard your information.

Is this required? What systems use PUaccess?

  • New users activating an account: All faculty, staff, and students new to Princeton are required to set an ESP as they activate their University account.
  • Students: All students use SCORE for registration and course selection, and SCORE uses PUaccess.

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April 19, 2012

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