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TSM: How to restore files from the TSM backup service
How to restore files from the TSM backup service

You must be logged on as Administrator for Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and Mac OS X computers.

1. To begin, open the TSM Backup Client. From a Windows computer, click on the Start button -->Programs-->Tivoli Storage Manager-->Backup Archive GUI.

2. Click on the Restore button.

3. To view all available backup versions of a file, under the View menu choose Display active/inactive files so that a check mark appears next to the option.

4. Click Yes to this Tivoli Storage Manager prompt which appears after choosing Display active/inactive files.

5. The following hierarchy will be displayed. Double-click on File Level to display files and folders available for restoring.

6. Double-click on your hard drive, for example \\sws\c$ (C:) to see the sub-folders.

7. To see files within a sub-folder, click on the plus sign to the left of the folder. To see folders within a sub-folder, click on the plus sign and expand the folder to see the files you need to restore. Click in the gray box to select the files to be restored.

8. When all the files that need to be restored are selected, click on the Restore button.

9. The Restore Destination window will open.

10. If you restore files to the original location, you may be prompted to overwrite existing files. If you are not sure whether to overwrite existing files, restore files to a temporary location, for example, the temp folder. You can move the restored files to the correct location later.

11. You will receive a message from the Tivoli Storage Manager when the restore is completed.

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October 29, 2009

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