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Job opportunities for students and graduate students at OIT
Information about student employment opportunities with OIT


Job opportunities are available with OIT Student Technology Consultants (STC), and the OIT Tech Clinic.

Student Technology Consultants (STC)
OIT hires four students in each residential college to serve as computer consultants for any students in that college with computer questions or problems. OIT also has experienced upperclass and graduate student STCs to help with computing needs and with particularly tricky problems.

Additional information about the STC program can be found at the following:

If you are interested in applying for a job, please send a cover letter and resume to and complete the form located at:

OIT Tech Clinic
The OIT Tech Clinic offers computer consulting services from software diagnostics to hardware support. The OIT Solutions Center (located on the 100 level in Frist) allows customers to bring their computers in and work with a consultant who will triage the problem and give you the tools and guidance to resolve the problem. All Princeton University community members are eligible to visit the Solutions Center and work with a consultant.

The OIT Tech Clinic hires student staff late in the Spring semester and again early in the Fall semester, with all new-hires beginning in the fall semester.

If you are interested in applying for a job at the OIT Tech Clinic, please send a cover letter and resume to and complete the form located at the following url:

University Student Employment
Many other University departments, programs, and organizations also offer jobs to students throughout the academic year and some during the summer. Student Employment info can be found at:

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