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Office Computer Assistance: How to configure a computer for the network
Office computer assistance for faculty and staff: How to place a computer or printer on the Princeton network.


In order to facilitate assistance with connectivity to the network, please read carefully the information below to determine your best course of action.

DeSC computers
The Desktop Systems Council oversees the use and maintenance of DeSC member computers. To access PeopleSoft and most other administrative systems, you must use a DeSC computer. If you are a faculty or staff member and you used the Dell Premiere Pages to purchase a Dell desktop computer from the DeSC program, you should submit the Hardware Installation Service Request Form or ask your local SCAD/DCS staff member (if you have one) for setup assistance.

Non-DeSC computers
You have three options for obtaining assistance:

Option 1 (OIT Hardware Support)
OIT will do it for you. For full service, including un-boxing, file transfer, TSM backup software installation as well as other software installation, please complete and submit the Hardware Installation Service Request Form.

Option 2 (SCAD/DCS - Local Department Support)
Determine if your department has local technical support staff, such as a member of SCAD or DCS. Contact them or have the Help Desk contact them for you.

Option 3 (Self-Help)
Use the online documentation the OIT Help Desk provides.

  • First register your computer in the Host Database (click the "non-Dormnet" option). When registering your computer in the Host Database, you will need to provide a valid ethernet address, subnet, and departmental charge number. Please be advised that the subnet field, although not marked as such, is essential for the successful functioning of your network connection.
    Depending upon your operating system, configure your computer for the Princeton network using Getting Started: How to configure network settings.

Networked printers must be added to the Host Database just as computers need to be added. Once a printer is registered, a network print queue can then be created. For details, see Solution 2730.

For instructions on how to then print to a network printer from your computer, see Solution 8912.

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May 14, 2012

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