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Excel: Defining the print area so that document fits on one page
Customer is unable to print the desired area of the spreadsheet on a single page.

The print area may be defined incorrectly, or it may need to be specified.

Click and drag the mouse to draw a selection box around the cells that should be printed. In the file menu, highlight "Print Area" and select "Set Print Area." This will surround the cells with a dashed line. Cells that fall outside the print area will be moved to the next page.

To clear an existing print area definition, highlight "Print Area" in the file menu, and select "Clear Print Area."

The maximum size of the user-defined print area depends on the margins of the page. To change the margins, select "Page Setup" in the file menu, and click on the "Margins" tab.

To fit a large area onto a single page, it may be necessary to adjust the scaling of the printed output. To change the scaling, select "Page Setup" in the file menu, and click on the "Page" tab. The output can be scaled by an arbitrary factor, or it can be automatically fit to one or more pages.
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March 20, 2000

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