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Outlook Exchange: How to configure e-mail rules and alert filters
How to configure Rules and Alerts in Microsoft Outlook Exchange e-mail


This solution reflects the steps for using the Outlook Rules Wizard for filtering your incoming e-mail messages using the Rules Wizard. The rules you create are server-side, so are in effect whether using Outlook, OWA or the full client. Note that you can only create rules using the steps below in the full client Outlook, not in OWA. The example below is filtering possible spam, but can be used to filter any messages you receive based upon a number of variables. For most people, the Proofpoint anti-spam facility is sufficient to eliminate the majority of spam from your Inbox.

  1. Open Outlook and from the Tools pull-down menu bar select Rules and Alerts...

  2. On the E-mail Rules tab, click on the New Rule... button

  3. Select the Start creating a rule from a template if you are interested in any of the choices offered directly beneath the Stay Organized or Stay Up to Date options under Step 1.

  4. To create a more advanced rule, such as one based upon e-mail headers, select the Start from a blank rule radio button. and highlight Check messages when they arrive, then click Next

  5. Check the box marked from people or distribution list or with specific words in the subject, or or any other condition or variable. Then click on the word specified in Step 2 to chose which folder to place the selected messages; you can choose to delete them automatically as well.

  6. To filter spam based upon headers, select with specific words in the message header. In the lower panel, click on specific words

  7. Enter "POSSIBLE SPAM" (without the quote marks) as can be seen in the graphic below. Type the following in the Search List field X-Spam-Level: * (for quite severe) or X-Spam-Level: ** . Then click Add, then click Next

  8. Click on the check box move it to a specified folder then Click on specified folder in the lower panel

  9. Select a folder you want these messages moved to OR Click on New to create a new folder

  10. Name your folder. SPAM might be an appropriate name and Click OK and Next

  11. This is optional
    Check the box "except with specific words in the sender's address" and click on "specific words" in the lower panel

  12. Enter the text (ex: family), Click Add and then Click Next

  13. You can now check on any of the visible options. Name your RULE and Click Finish

  14. Your last Step is to review the Rule and Click OK

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March 9, 2006

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