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How to connect to your e-mail and/or calendar using a smartphone or handheld
If you are interested in connecting to your e-mail and/or calendar using a smartphone or handheld device, the following information will get you started.


For the fall of 2011, the Princeton incoming class of 2015 and new graduate students should use the information for Exchange below. Most other students at Princeton have IMAP accounts and should use the IMAP settings below. Not sure which you have? Call the OIT Help Desk at 258-4357. 

If you have an IMAP account
If your e-mail is handled by the IMAP e-mail server, you can send and receive e-mail through the Princeton IMAP/SMTP e-mail infrastrucuture. Check with the vendor of your device to see that it supports "authenticated smtp" and SSL (secure sockets layer). If your device has these features, simply use the following server settings and connect to your e-mail:
  • incoming e-mail server:, enable SSL, port 993
  • outgoing e-mail server:, SSL not enabled, port 587, use authenticated SMTP

If you have an Exchange account
There are three options when using a handheld device with the Exchange service. You should consult with your departmental support specialist to determine which option will best match your particular needs and budget. It is highly advisable to consult with your support specialist before you purchase a handheld device.
  • The Blackberry service allows you to access your e-mail, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks. You can send and receive e-mail in a very wide range of locations. The Blackberry can open MS Office attachments with its own viewer. The Blackberry service and device costs are outlined in Solution 9517.
  • The Exchange ActiveSync service allows you to access your e-mail, calendar and contacts using an ActiveSync capable device. Examples of ActiveSync capable devices are iPhones and cell phones using Windows Mobile, Android or webOS operating systems. ActiveSync settings are outlined in Solution 1019.

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March 25, 2016

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