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WebSpace: How to connect using a browser or by mapping a drive
WebSpace: How to connect to WebSpace using a web browser or by mapping a drive


WebSpace is designed to work with the web browsers and Blackboard tools that students and faculty already know, saving them from having to learn new applications. Faculty and students can use WebSpace to share files with one another. Shared documents can be reviewed, modified, and distributed via WebSpace. WebSpace is also appropriate for collaborating on files related to research and grant projects with colleagues outside of the University.

How do I connect to WebSpace?

Using a web browser on any computer
WebSpace is a web-based system for file management and sharing and is most easy accessed using the Internet. If you are a member of the Princeton community and have a valid Princeton netID, WebSpace can be accessed via any web browser at:

Windows: Map your WebSpace account as a drive
Xythos Drive is a desktop application that maps your online account to a local drive on your computer. Xythos Drive is integrated with the Windows File Explorer, providing a familiar environment to drag-and-drop, open, edit, and save files using other desktop applications.

  • Install the Xythos Drive installer
  • Reboot of your computer which is necessary
  • Once installed, access WebSpace by going to My Computer
  • Click on the W: drive which will be labeled "WebSpace on 'Xythos Drive' (W:)"
  • You can drag this link to your desktop to create a shortcut

Once installation is complete, the Xythos Drive will have a set of services that allow you to access your Xythos folders through Windows Explorer, MS Office, and other WebDAV enabled applications.

The Xythos Drive software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 32-bit Windows 7. A 64-bit Windows 7 version is expected in Q3 of 2010. At present, the Xythos Drive is not available for Macintosh computers.

Mac OS X: Mount your WebSpace home folder as a drive

  • In the Dock, click Finder
  • From the "Go" menu, choose Connect to Server or from the keyboard type Command-K
  • In  Server Address, enter:
  • (optional) Click the plus sign (+) to add this address to your list of favorites
  • Click "Connect"
  • Select Connect as Registered User. Enter your Princeton netID and password and click Connect.

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