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WebSpace: How to share files; instructions and video tutorial
Instructions and video demonstration describing how to share files at WebSpace;


WebSpace is a web-accessible file storage service provided by OIT. With 5GB of storage allocated to each user account, WebSpace allows simple and secure access (uploads, downloads, etc.) to your files from any computer on the Internet using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. WebSpace is ideal for sharing files with faculty, staff, students and even people who do not have a Princeton netID.

How do I use WebSpace to share and collaborate on files?
Using WebSpace to transfer and share files is often more convenient than sending files as e-mail attachments or delivering files on physical media. Much larger files can be shared via WebSpace than can be sent via e-mail and the transfer can take place much more quickly than with physical media.

Once the file is stored in WebSpace you can share access to the file following these steps:

  1. Select the file and click on the "Share" icon in the toolbar above the listing of folders and files
  2. Supply the e-mail addresses of those you wish to provide access
  3. Indicate the privileges that should be provided (e.g. read, write, administer)
  4. For colleagues without Princeton University netIDs, edit "Ticket Options" to indicate whether or not they will need to enter a password and for how long they should be given access
  5. Customize the e-mail message that will be sent notifying your colleagues that you have shared new files with them
  6. Click the "Finish" button to send the e-mail

The e-mail notification, will include a link that will your colleague can click on to access the file or folder you have shared. Your colleague will then be able to perform functions according to the permissions you have granted (e.g. read, write, administer).

Can someone place a file on my WebSpace account?
If you create a folder on your WebSpace account with sharing privileges that allow for writing, anyone you specify can access the folder and put a file there for you to see and share. Use the steps above to create the folder, and if the person is outside of, a ticket will be sent to their e-mail address allowing them access to the shared folder.

This process is demonstrated in this WebSpace Training Video on Sharing (video duration 5:44).

You can also consult the WebSpace help pages to learn more about the process of Sharing and the Ticketing system.

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