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1055 Training: Webinars, tutorials and online training videos offered by PULSe
1161 Lync: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
3076 Getting Started: Request OIT resources for a student organization, agency, or eating club
9898 Wiki Services: How to log in to OIT wiki service
9825 Moving On: How to export and import contacts or address books
9388 Exchange email: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
9863 Outlook Anywhere: How to connect to your Exchange email from off-campus
1031 Exchange email: How to set a vacation/out of office reply message
9449 UBAs: Supported browsers and settings for University Business Applications
9396 Exchange: How to restore e-mail, notes, tasks and calendar items in Outlook
2682 Unix: Introduction to Linux at Princeton and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1128 Google Drive: How to use Google Drive to transfer files
4926 Accounts: Default quota for OIT accounts and how to request increase
8506 Blackboard: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
9884 Mobile Loan Program: Mobile devices available for faculty and staff
9740 Attachments: How to transfer large files securely within and without Princeton
1154 Dormnet: How to configure Linux at Princeton for students
9914 iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: Information and setup guide for Exchange and e-mail settings
1111 Google at Princeton: How to log in and where to go from there
9731 Proofpoint: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
9193 Online Forms: New user accounts and access, quota, and service requests
1190 Office 365: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
4450 How can I change my e-mail address/I am unhappy with my Princeton netID?
6891 WINS Servers on campus for the Princeton Windows domain
1026 Online Store: How to install Microsoft Office 2013 or 2010; where to get it
9867 MS Office 2008: How to install or remove Microsoft Office for Mac OS X
1028 Exchange email: Configuration settings for Microsoft Outlook
1194 Office 365: Installation instructions for Apple iOS devices
1193 Office 365: Installation instructions for OS X computers
1192 Office 365: Installation instructions for Windows computers
1037 MS Office 2011: Installation instructions for Mac OS X