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New Solutions
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1197 Passwords: How to select an effective password management system
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1139 Princeton Domain: How to join your Windows 8 computer
9883 Windows: OIT support levels for Windows operating systems
8182 Getting Started: How to configure network settings and join the Princeton domain
1036 Princeton Domain: How to join your Windows 7 computer
8411 Media Services: AudioVisual requests through OIT
1123 cPanel for personal use: Web application development authoring tool
9410 Setting your Unix Samba server to authenticate against Princeton's domain controllers
9249 Linux: Tips for secure and safe installation and operation
8986 Central File Server: How to connect to your H: drive using Linux/Unix
1026 Online Store: How to install Microsoft Office 2010 or 2013 and where to get it
9416 Online Store: How to obtain Microsoft Office software for your computer
9216 2015 Reunions: Computing facilities available during Reunions
1197 Passwords: How to select an effective password management system
5855 Accounts: When will my OIT accounts close and my e-mail address be removed?
1109 Encryption: How can I tell if my computer has encryption software installed?
9193 Online Forms: New user accounts and access, quota, and service requests
1161 Lync: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1041 Resource25: Event management and space scheduling at Princeton
9454 Solutions Center: Hours of operation, location, and computer services offered
1044 Online Store: How to purchase Apple Volume App Program through OIT
8388 Online Store: How to get personal software and campus licensing from OIT
9991 MyInfo: How to change content in University records for staff
5116 Email: How to forward and/or copy your e-mail to another address
9875 Exchange: How to forward your Princeton e-mail to another address
1134 OS X: How to connect to a Windows computer using Remote Desktop
3998 Network printing: How to print to a networked printer using Mac OS X
4642 Computers: How can I buy a computer from Princeton for myself or departmental use?
7267 OIT Software Servers: Where to download software
9780 Linux: Cluster and server specifications, how to access licensed software
9006 Surplus DeSC: Machine to be sent home with a University employee
9593 DeSC: How to use Windows PE boot CD to install DeSC/FCP images
3522 DeSC: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
9944 Encryption software: How to protect your computer and University data
8393 Academic and Departmental Support: Information and resources for SCAD/DCS
5224 Dell: Warranty coverage details for SCI and DeSC computers
9109 Dell: Technical customer support for Princeton University
9521 DeSC: Keyserver service for licensed software on DeSC computers
9007 Surplus DeSC: Retired computer to remain on campus and the network
9645 TLI: Technology Learning Initiative: OIT computing support providers
8324 RAM upgrades available through Hardware Support
9095 OIT Software Support: Scope of support and chargeability of services
3022 DeSC: How to add a computer to DeSC and the Princeton Windows domain
8896 Dell: Warranty information for laptops
3310 Data Recovery: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
9740 Collaboration: How to transfer large files securely within and without Princeton