Outage and Alert History

Outages and Alerts that ended within the past week

Event Type Start Date End Date
Upgrade McAfee SIEM Scheduled Outage 8/18/2016 10:00am 8/18/2016 4:00pm
Disk maintenance for eissql2a SQL cluster. Scheduled Outage 8/18/2016 10:00pm 8/19/2016 2:00am
TSM Tape Libraries for TSM 7, 8, and 10 Unscheduled Outage 8/19/2016 2:54pm 8/23/2016 1:27pm
Upgrade firmware on Production Dell Storage array in New South. Scheduled Outage 8/20/2016 8:00am 8/20/2016 1:00pm
OpenScolar upgrade Scheduled Outage 8/22/2016 6:00am 8/22/2016 8:00am
Drupal Security Notification - Critical - Remote code execution PSA-2016-001 Alert 7/13/2016 3:14pm 8/24/2016 10:19am
Phishing Attempt: "New sign in" Alert 7/27/2016 10:49pm 8/24/2016 10:19am
Phishing Attempt: "Staff: New Email System Posted today July 28, 2016" Alert 7/28/2016 2:07am 8/24/2016 10:20am
Phishing Attempt: IT DESK Alert 8/1/2016 3:15pm 8/24/2016 10:20am
Phishing Attempt: IT DESK Alert 8/8/2016 8:21am 8/24/2016 10:20am
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