Outage and Alert History

Outages and Alerts that ended within the past week

Event Type Start Date End Date
capserver reboot. Scheduled Outage 1/20/2015 5:00am 1/20/2015 7:00am
Email security gateway (Proofpoint) Scheduled Outage 1/20/2015 6:00am 1/20/2015 7:00am
HPCRC to 87 Prospect CWDM MUX A replacement. Scheduled Outage 1/20/2015 6:00am 1/20/2015 8:00am
Departmental cPanel MySQL upgrade on QA server Scheduled Outage 1/20/2015 10:00am 1/20/2015 2:00pm
Princeton Home Page Unscheduled Outage 1/21/2015 2:10am 1/21/2015 3:34am
Time Collection Unscheduled Outage 1/21/2015 12:08pm 1/21/2015 1:20pm
Non-Princeton Internet sites Unscheduled Outage 1/21/2015 1:23pm 1/21/2015 2:32pm
PeopleSoft HCM/CC/Student Unscheduled Outage 1/21/2015 3:59pm 1/22/2015 7:26am
Princeton Home page Unscheduled Outage 1/21/2015 9:43pm 1/21/2015 10:15pm
Production Windows Server Based Services Scheduled Outage 1/22/2015 3:00am 1/22/2015 7:00am
Exchange Mail Servers Scheduled Outage 1/22/2015 5:00am 1/22/2015 7:00am
IPS Maintenance Scheduled Outage 1/22/2015 5:00am 1/22/2015 7:00am
Linux Development and QA server patching Scheduled Outage 1/23/2015 6:30am 1/23/2015 11:00am
Internet Connectivity; lost connection to one of our two redundant Internet Service Providers. Unscheduled Outage 1/23/2015 6:17pm 1/24/2015 10:14am
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