Scheduled Outage

Removal of secondary router address for fishnet, libnet and newsouthnet.
Status: Start Time: End Time: Last Update:
Scheduled Outage 12/2/2014 6:00am 12/2/2014 6:30am 11/20/2014 10:03pm
OIT is retiring the old secondary router addresses for fishnet, libnet and newsouthnet. This should only be of concern for hosts that do not use DHCP and then only for those that are manually configured to use the old router addresses from before the subnets were doubled in size more than 9 years ago.

If you have any hosts on the specified subnets that meet the above criteria, please change the default router address before 12/2/14 as follows:

fishnet - (subnet mask
libnet - (subnet mask
newsouthnet - (subnet mask
Services Affected: